phillip gefter, wet/dark vs digital

I Think that the implied change or difference between wet/darkroom and digital processes is that both of these processes let you alter a picture but in digital processing you still get a form of wet/dark but not vice versa. Even though the argument of wet/dark is that the presence of the camera can completely take away from the authenticity of the picture. “A cardinal rule of the profession is that the presence of the camera must not alter the situation being photographed.” Digital processing is much more advanced and opens up much more availability when it comes to altering photos. I also think that this assumption is very accurate, and with all the new tools that weren’t available back then. The artists nowadays now have a much bigger spectrum. They can change the color, lighting and even the field of view. Can now even merge an endless amount of images together. these processes are possible using wet/dark but nowhere near as easy as it is today.

photomontages + Reflection

I honestly have fully enjoyed the photomontage project it has allowed me to practice and learn photoshop techniques and use my abundant creativity to mold my ideas into what I want, even though they are very weird. The process was a very smooth one and im very happy with how they turned out.